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The thing Stella loves most about makeup is the way it can completely transform a person in to someone or something else. Stella began her career in NYU's undergrad drama program where she was able to flourish in many areas as an actor, costume designer, fabricator, and makeup artist. She became a memeber of I.A.T.S.E. 798 in 2017. 


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Film                                                      Title/Date                                                         Production___________________

FX Make-Up                                        The Dead Don’t Die/ 2018                             Kill the Head  

FX Make-Up                                        Once Upon A Time in Staten Island/ 2018    Shaolin Productions, Inc

FX Make-Up                                        By Dawn/ 2017                                                 Screen Anthology, LLC

FX Make-Up/ Swing                           Unwanted/ 2016                                              CLK Production Services, Inc     

Make-Up Dept Head                         Even After Everything/ 2016                          Loveable Derelict, LLC

Make-Up Dept Head                         Bushwick/ 2015                                                 Stupe INC.

Make-Up Dept Head/ FX Design       Crocodile Boy/ 2015                                      Student Short

Make-Up Dept Head/ FX Design       Hiraeth/ 2015                                                  NYU Thesis – Short

Make-Up Dept Head                         Nightfire/ 2015                                                  F/1.8 Studios

Make-Up Dept Head/ FX                   Hamlet, Son of a Kingpin/ 2013                              First Folio Productions

Make-Up                                            Simpler Times/ 2013                                             MonaVision Films

Make-up Dept Head                         The Lost Girls/ 2012                                        LG Productions, LLC

TV                                                        Title/Date                                                         Production___________________

Key Make-Up/ Design                       In A Man's World/2016                                   Lucky8 - Sizzle 

FX Make-Up                                        Today Show Halloween/ 2016                       NBC Universal

Make-Up Dept Head/ FX                   Today Show/ 2016                                         Bodega

FX Make-Up                                        Today Show April Fools Segment/ 2015       NBC Universal

FX Make-Up                                        Coming to America Spoof/ 2015                  His & Hers - ESPN

Make-Up                                             Best Time Ever/ 2015                                      NBC – Live TV

FX Make-Up                                        TBS – Ids/ 2015                                                 Bodega - Sizzle

Make-Up                                            NBC Universal PCI/ 2015                                hscusa.tv - Industrial

Make-Up                                            Knock Knock Live/ 2015                                 FOX – IKA Collective

Make-Up Assistant                            Friends of the People/ 2015                           C-Moose Productions           

Music Video                                         Title/Date                                                         Production___________________

Make-Up                                            Apathy/2018                                                  Prod. Co. Prod./Frankie Cosmos

FX Make-Up                                        Wont Last/ 2015                                             Goodboy Media – RDGLDGRN

Special Effects                                    Every Where I Go/ 2014                                BLVD Industires – New Politics

FX Make-Up                                        Matamoros/ 2014                                          The Afghan Whigs

FX Make-Up                                        Longevity/ 2012                                             Garen/ Yeasayer

Web/Social Media                              Title/Date                                                         Production___________________

FX Make-Up                                        Bae or Bail/ 2018                                             A&E

Make-Up Dept Head/FX                    Pepsi/ 2016                                                     Bauda Design

Make-Up                                            Learn to Paint w/Mary Houlihan/ 2016        Comedy Central – Snap Chat

Make-Up/ FX                                      Scarecrow/ 2016                                            Above average

Make-Up                                            Sunset Peak/2016                                           Comedy Central

Make-Up                                            ABC Live Stream News/2016                         hscusa.tv - digital sizzle

Make-Up                                            Womanhood/ 2016                                       Funny Or Die  

Make-Up                                            Trump Voters/ 2016                                        Funny Or Die

Make-Up                                            Gay Appropriation/ 2016                              Funny Or Die

Make-Up Dept Head/ FX                  Clorox/ 2016                                                   Akqa/ Nylon Mag

Make-Up Dept Head                         V8/ 2015                                                         V8 Bloody Mary

FX Make-Up                                        JonTron- Food Games / 2015                        JonTron

Commercial                                        Client                                                               Production_                _________

FX Make-Up                                        EE Refresh/ 2018                                             Mick Breitenstein – Eczema

Make-up                                             Fox Sports/2017                                               First Things First - Commercial

Make-Up Dept Head                         MIIBG, LLC/2017                                              BSP - Commercial

Make-Up                                            The Hershey Company/2016                          PF100 - Commercial

Make-Up                                            AT&T/ 2016                                                        BBDO - Commercial

Make-Up                                            GMA TruGreen/ 2016                                      hscusa/tv - Commercial


EDUCATION/ AWARDS                         

IMATS London “Battle of the Brushes”              2013                             2nd Place Winner -  Character/ Prosthetic Competition

Make-Up Designory                                          2012                             Master MakeUp Artistry Program - 840 Hours

NYU                                                                     2001                            BFA - Drama

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